Jerry Pt I

My heart still hurts and I still love you, my friend.
I don’t understand why you ran away. I never will.
Your boyfriend’s hold was too much;
his approval was too important to you.
So, you left.

You left me.

My arms will still be open, my home yours,
if you ever need it — need me.
My life has a space reserved for you,
beautiful friend.


for Lori

Quietly, a young woman
starts a fresh pot of coffee
and returns to her book.

It is an escape from a life —
from her life, too full of
parental expectations,
occupational expectations,
her own expectations.

Finding love between the pages
proves a far easier task than
taking risks and finding
men who fall short of
the dreams she has for her life.

With a few gurgles,
the coffee is ready and she
lights up a cigarette.

She is making her own life,
despite the pressures to marry.
“Family” doesn’t seem
defined the way it used to be.

Alone in her apartment,
another chapter of the
often read romance novel,
she puffs, she sips.

Someday, she may realize
something she has always known:
This life belongs to her
and there is no right way to live.

Friends become siblings and
expectations melt away.
She has realized her dreams.
There is no expiration on living
your life the way you want.
There is no prerequisite to happiness.

Soon, she will discover how
futile it is to hate herself.
And then she will find love
waiting for her.

The young woman picks up the book
and starts a new chapter and cries.



Life rips you apart

You will learn to
find the pieces you
thought were lost

You will learn to put
them together again

Life doesn’t care

Spit in the face
of an apathetic world
tell it to shove off
and be happy

Love in spite of
the bitterness
in spite of
divorce and sickness
in spite of everything

You don’t know yet

You don’t realize
how good life can be
how this tearing
will not last